Henna Brows – Only €30

Henna Brows – By Killiney Beauty

Henna is a natural plant pigment from the Hina tree making it perfect for sensitive skin types. It’s also less intense and permanent than micro-blading (Henna lasts for up to four weeks) with zero pain and downtime.
Henna unlike regular tint using peroxide or ammonia is a natural vegan product and will also temporarily dye your skin along with your brow hair. Just think, no filling in your brows with pencil, powder or whatever brow product you normally use. We all love anything that makes our daily beauty regime as quick as possible, and this is one beauty treatment that facilitates this.

So let’s take you through the Henna Brow procedure.

1. First we analyse the brow and ascertain what colour best will suit you.
2. We clean the brow area to remove all oils.
3. The skin is then exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and to open the hair shaft to allow the colour to adhere effectively.
4. We then measure the brow and draw with pencil where we want to apply the henna.
5. Henna is mixed then applied to the eyebrows and left to develop.
6. The henna is removed and the brow is waxed trimmed and tweezed to reveal your amazing new brows which will last between 4-6 weeks depending on your brows.

Patch Test Required 48h-24 Hours Before Appointment

Before and After Photos below. For More Information Visit WWW.ILOVEHENNABROWS.IE